About Us

Self Build Rates Ltd. was established to help the Self builder put an accurate cost on their build and to put an end to relying on hearsay and guesstimates to determine the budget cost of their build.  This lead to the development of www.selfbuildrates.ie a unique & innovative online software system that assists the self builder to Cost and Project Manage their new house builds and extensions.

Selfbuildrates.ie allows the self builder to become their own QS and determine an accurate budget cost for their proposed build.  In addition to this the advantage of being ‘price aware’ will inevitably save €€€€’s throughout the duration of their build by clever purchasing of materials and appointment of labour. Being 'price aware' arms the self builder with the knowledge of what the materials and labour should cost before they even negotiate with tradesmen and material suppliers allowing them to know when they are getting good value for their money.

The Directors of Self Build Rates Ltd. bring the combined experience of 40 plus years in Quantity Surveying, Estimating and Project Management.


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